Forward-looking data processing utilizing techniques like anomaly detection and trend detection helps you to get brand new insights that support proactive decision making across the whole business. Learn from trends and prevent anomalies, and become proactive in resolving issues that might affect your marketing performance. 
Get answers which would take far longer to find through manual exploration of reports and dashboards, and use the full power of marketing data available to you.


By intelligently analyzing historical data, Trend Detection identifies overall trends across time. It then determines the relevance of the trend, and automatically creates a chart displaying a trend recognized as the one that will have a significant effect on marketing performance.

Agencies and brands can use this feature to easily and quickly identify emerging trends which may be of relevance to their business, such as market changes or unforeseen user behavior. It reduces the time needed to identify and adapt to trends in order to boost marketing performance and business growth.

Transparent reporting

We believe programmatic campaign reporting shouldn’t be cryptic. That’s why we provide you with an exact report from our inventory partners, showing where your ads have been displayed, and the exact cost to place them there.

Self-learning A.I. AppGhost™

Our machine learning engine AppGhost™ predicts which people are most likely to be interested in your business and then shows your ad to them. Unlike most human media buyers, AppGhost™ works 24/7 to find the right customer in the right context and at the right moment, saving you time and money.

Webpages Made By AppGhost™ A.I. 

AppGhost™ A.I is helping our development Team to design and deploy websites with reducing time up to 60% while creating stunning results. AppGhost™ is actiúally Designing the Page -AppGhost™ A.I don´t uses pre-defined Templates and is able, depending on your strategy, to output the content as Wordpress, Joomla, as compiled iOS-or Android Applications or as a Pure HTML5/JS/CSS webpage.


Destination marketing is a method we choose to use for your business and automatically by means of promotions to make it the ideal destination for the lead or buyer. This is how we turn your business into the destination that the potential buyer wants to trust and visit. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the key pillars in the digital marketing strategy of a hotel and tourist business. Social media is a promotional promotion of the enterprise but can serve as a means of communicating with customers.
We plan and implement through specific tactics and propose new innovative and meaningful solutions for your business to make the most of the possibilities offered by social networks and achieve the best results.Facebook and Istagram is an excellent choice for promoting your business.
The Facebook ads platform provides the ability and tools to conduct highly targeted ad channels that maximize results. 

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most powerful tools in modern digital marketing. It greatly assists the SEO of the site by improving the order of the website's ranking on search engines.
Our specialized writers create rich and attractive content by following modern SEO tactics to attract more future customers to German-speaking countries (Germany-Austria-Switzerland).

Google Adwords & Display Network

Improvement of the business website's location on search engine results pages.

Direct Sales & Bookings.

We are specializing in creating the right strategy in the German-speaking countries that leads to an increase in direct bookings or sales, resulting in an increase in profit margin for your business.

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